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Dawn is extremely gifted and has a way of getting straight to the core while meeting you where you are. She’s always present, openly listens with kindness and challenges without judgement. Her heart comes through in her sessions and she genuinely wants what is best for you. You can feel her authenticity and she safely makes you feel seen, heard and understood. Not only is Dawn a consummate professional, but she makes you feel at home with yourself. I always come away from our sessions lighter, inspired and empowered.


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I met Dawn about 10 years ago, where she was a keynote speaker at a women’s networking luncheon. She was so passionate, informative and such a positive force that I knew I was there to meet HER!
I started with Reflexology and soon migrated to emotional clearing, Reiki, and tapping. The most profound experiences for me are through Reiki. I’ve received it in the past but never on the level as I do with Dawn, and I attribute a lot of that to the trust she inspires. She is fully present, compassionate and a source of love and light. I feel such healing taking place and have had so many insights revealed as a result of her energy work.
One other thing that I love about Dawn is her constant commitment to growth. She works on mastering new modalities on a regular basis in order to offer as much as she can to her clients.
I have such an overall better sense of well-being through our work together and would highly recommend Healing Hands to anybody wanting to feel better in any way, body, mind and spirit.

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I have been seeing Dawn Duffy monthly for the past 5 years. Her personality is warm and soothing and she makes you feel comfortable just where you are in your journey. She uses a combination of mindset tools, energy tools and well as oils to help you break through emotional barriers getting in the way of your personal growth. I highly recommend Dawn as a resource to help guide you on your journey. She even provided support for my dad when he was on hospice which was a beautiful gift to him and our family. She was able to explain energy and oil concepts to him in a warm and inviting way.


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Dawn is the consummate professional in her field of Reflexology (and healing oils). Since I started going to Dawn four years ago, my life had improved dramatically from her sessions. She understands the science behind Reflexology, seeks to find troubled areas of her clients, and applies the precise technique to heal and improve mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. I make it a point to see her at least quarterly; I always feel better after one of her effectively relaxing sessions. I endorse her completely!


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Dawn is a gift. Her energy is both soothing and calming, yet uplifting and energizing. She’s such a fantastic listener, and empathizes in such a different way. She doesn’t get down in the trenches with your struggles, she teaches you how to reframe your thinking and inspires you to turn your frown upside down. Her energy work, reflexology work and knowledge and recommendations of Young Living Essential Oils have been backed by years of education that she openly and enthusiastically shares with her clients. Let Dawn get her hands on you-your life will only be better from here!

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My experiences with Dawn have been amazing. She really knows how to make you think without it being exhausting or uncomfortable. Dawns work has such a variety that you can find what works for you during each session. She’s great at helping you feel heard/understood and comfortable.


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