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Who I Am ......

Hi! I’m Dawn. I’m a joy-filled, life-loving, high-vibration gal living in the Chicago suburbs with my husband and Silver Lab pup named Dublin. I have 3 grown children. This year we have welcomed a brand new baby girl born to my daughter and her husband.  Soon we will welcome another puppy to the extended family.  My son and his wonderful fiancé will be married in March and my daughter and her sweet fiancé will be married in October.  It’s gonna be a big beautiful year in our family!
When I’m not reveling in the wonders of family life, I’m devoting my attention to my Business, Healing Hands with Dawn Duffy. My Healing Practice is dedicated to helping my clients find balance and contentment within their energetic, spiritual and physical bodies. I use a unique combination of Intuition, Reiki, EFT, Chakra Work, Essential Oils, Crystal and Sound Healing to ensure that each session is tailored to my clients specific needs. I particularly enjoy working with those individuals coping with stress and anxiety ( everyone!), feelings of overwhelm, grief, cancer, and life changes.  I have worked with many teens dealing with stress, anxiety and bullying.
My personal healing journey began 15 or so years ago when a cancer diagnosis interrupted my regularly scheduled programming! Cancer visited me not just once, but twice! It brought many challenges, lots of fear, but also a myriad of beautiful lessons along the way. As I fought cancer, I learned to make many lifestyle, nutritional and energetic changes. My mission is to share my knowledge and experience to help others improve the quality of their lives holistically.  I am always in gratitude for my victory over cancer and ask that each day my survival can be a gift to someone.
Healing Hands with Dawn Duffy was born of this journey and has continued to evolve and grow with me. I invite you to connect with me so that we can begin tailoring your healing sessions to connect you to your highest energy.

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