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Ceremonies & Ritual

I feel it is one of my Spiritual Assignments to create safe and sacred space to gather people together in community. This has often taken shape as Full or New Moon Gatherings, Winter or Summer Solstice Ceremonies, or simple and fun Energy Play Groups!

I will continue to host Ceremonies in my space, but now I will also be bringing Ceremony to you!

I will be offering several options, but will also work with you and your group to tailor your Ceremony to your wishes.

Sound Healing and Flower Mandala Ceremony

Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls is a unique and lovely way to calm the nervous system and raise your vibration. 

Flower Mandalas are a glorious way to honor Mother Nature's perfect and symmetrical creations and create not only an offering with intention, but a magnificent work of art!

New Mama Blessingway

Instead of a Baby Shower filled with food and gifts, let's honor the sacred journey an expectant Mama is on.  Let's gather in sisterhood to embody loving, nurturing support as she prepares her body and soul to welcome a new life.

Each ceremony can be customized but can include washing, massaging and anointing the new Mamas feet.  A Birthing Candle Ceremony will take place. Each guest will take their candle home and will light when labor begins to symbolically light the way. Other sacred, nurturing rituals will also take place in this beautiful and moving Ceremony.

Wise Woman (Crone)

Instead of "Over the Hill" and cliché' gag gifts, let's honor the wisdom and grace that comes with the passage of time. Let's hear the stories, share the laughter and allow authentic tears to flow as we celebrate the challenges and victories!

I will customize your Ceremony to not only honor, but celebrate the past, present and future of your Wise Woman!

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